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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


By creating a safe and effective method that bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind and focuses on obtaining unlimited information in the Somnambulistic state, Dolores Cannon created a powerful tool to access that all-knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self, The Oversoul, even the Soul itself.


Following in the tradition of Dolores Cannon, The QHHT® Practitioner asks the Subconscious to reveal information unknown to the conscious mind of the client that will aid in healing and uncovering the root causes of both mental and physical afflictions, illnesses, and phobias. The Subconscious, therefore, understands the entire situation and every aspect of the individual, including issues from past lives that may be affecting them in their present life.


Everything is possible with Dolores Cannon’s proven method of hypnosis: QHHT®.


A pure and true QHHT® experience is special because the practitioner is facilitating the client to access the client’s own knowledge and healing. This truly is the experience of all answers lie within.


A proper session is done in person with a trained QHHT® practitioner and includes an interview, the hypnosis experience, and time afterward to discuss your session.


Your practitioner is trained to help you recede the ego and have clear and easy access to your Subconscious (Higher Self) even while having the feeling of being awake and aware.


Tips: Try to see and feel it with as much detail as you can imagine. Always answer with the very first thought you have and talk a lot.


“If the human mind is powerful enough to make you sick, it is also powerful enough to heal you.” ~ Dolores Cannon

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